Monday, 30 June 2008


On Saturday Alexis and I went down to the Southbank hoping to catch Momus and his girlfriend Hisae Mizutani conduct their tour of Tokyo by the Thames. You would think a tal,l skinny, Scottish guy with an eye patch and a blond wig with a Japanese female, both wearing white aprons and carrying giant megaphones would stand out. However, we wandered around for about an hour before eventually spotting them. After finding them we had to follow (at a discreet distance) for a while before the finally stopped outside the famous Tsukiji fish market. In the photo here Momus is showing us a cross section of tuna divided up into sections, with each section representing a different meal - starting with the tail for breakfast and so on. Usefully located next to the fish market poster is a handy map of Tokyo.

On the map we could see that located not far from the fish market is the world's largest Muji where you can buy every no brand quality good you've ever needed to live a post-materialist society. Unlike the Mujis I've visited in London this Muji also contains a cafe where you can by clear, durable no brand food. The transparent potato apparently contains all the nutrients of a regular potato, only you don't have to pay a premium for the garish colour. You can also buy a flat pack house that you can conveniently assemble in your living room in an afternoon with the help of a friend.

Alexis filmed Momus discussion on the Japanese summer festival and as I don't have a clue how to edit videos you can also enjoy a short discussion on Japanese religion, life and death.

At Momus and Hisae's recommendation we stopped at a exotic English sandwich chain Eat, which happened to have a branch there in the middle of Japan. After a quick sandwich we searched the Southbank waiting to be taken back to Tokyo. However, Momus and Hisae wandered off somewhere and after about 45 minutes of trying to find them we got tired and bored and decided to head home for a afternoon nap.