Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Living Room Dancing

In my last post I made brief mention to one of life's great pastimes, bedroom dancing. However, the truth is I've recently made the leap from thebedroom to living room dancing. One perk of moving back to Auckland is I can have a place of my own, which means I can freely dance around the living room without bumbing in to flatmates or their crap. So what's been my most danced to record of late? Moejadkatebarry!

I don't quite get what why this is officially a Moe Tucker record, rather than being Jad Fair, Kaye Messer or Barry Stock, but that's hardly important. The album's an absolute blast; quickly recorded, with all the enthusiasm and joy you would expect from anything to do with Jad Fair. I bought it quite a while ago and it never excited me too much before, but now it just seems perfect. Plus to make things even more exciting I've recently worked out how to covert vinyl to mp3. It's pretty terrible sound quality but who cares, I've always been more interested in song quality.

So here's Jad Is A Fink, it's basically just a groove rattled along for a minute and a half - but I damn good one.

Moe Tucker fans should also pop over to Fire Escape Talking for an mp3 of Moe and Jonathan Richman playing, 'I'm Sticking With You'.

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