Monday, 3 August 2009

A Declaration

General consensus seems to be that the Felt DVD A Declaration is terrible. For the most part I agree, filmed on a hand held camera from the balcony at ULU, with the sound just coming from the camera microphone it sits uncomfortably with the rest of Felt's back catalogue. It goes against so much of the image Lawrence went to such pains to manufacture I find it hard to believe he endorsed its release. Yet it's not the poor quality of the recording that interests me, it's the uneasy feeling that even if the recording was better quality, even if I was there, I still wouldn't enjoy it that much. They simply don't seem that good. For someone who spent of few of his teenage years and most of his adult years thinking Felt achieved a kind of untouchable perfection this is something of a revelation. Yet the feeling that Felt were just a band like any other fills me not with disillusionment but, rather, the optimistic feeling that all the new bands I love and follow are just as great as those of the eighties canon. Pedestals are boring and pointless and the more cultural artifacts I can find that demolish those bands aura of mystery and flawlessness the happier I'll be.

As an aside am I wrong to love this more than any other Felt video accompaniment I've seen.


Anonymous said...

But Felt is just a bit shit, innit?

The Boy and the Cloud said...

makes me think of a new video/track from hacia dos veranos

alistair posted about it, and since then i've listened to their first album. great instrumental pop in the felt/galaxie 500 vein, if you haven't heard them.

Phil said...

This fan video from a felt show in Greenock is better - though a bit dark.