Saturday, 8 August 2009

Simply Thrilled 01 Aug

As I'm picking songs to play for this week's radio a show I should really post last weeks. This week's show will probably be the first time in a while I won't play anything from the Summer Cats' album. The internet seems to be suitably excited about it, which is entirely deserved - here's more info. But I should jet so here's a link to last week's show, and for those who simply want to critique I'll put the playlist in the comments.

Simply Thrilled 01.08.09

oh and everyone should buy the Wildwood Lights EP. They're just about the best thing ever - more on them later.


Chris said...

Orange juice, dozen eggs, three pairs of oven gloves, serviettes,

Western - International Airport (Chris)
Touch Of Evil - The Renderers (Chris)
Look Out Sos! - Ryan McPhun And The Ruby Suns (Michael)
Cosmic Dancer - T-Rex (Alexis)
Dying Day - Orange Juice (Chris)
Love Done Me No Good - The Tokey Tones (Michael)
I Wonder Who We Are - The Clientele (Chris)
Then He Kissed Me - The Crystals (Alexis)
Just Once More - Dressy Bessy (Michael)
New French Girlfriend - The Auteurs (Richie)
Leave You Behind - Bright Coloured Lights (Chris)
Papa Was A Rodeo - The Magnetic Fields (Alexis)
While I'm Still Young - Death By Chocolate (Michael)
New Floor - Magick Heads (Chris)
Klein International Blue - Sandy Dirt (Chris)
Decomposing Trees - Galaxie 500 (Chris)
In June - Summer Cats (Chris)
Every Conversation - The June Brides (Alexis)
The Stars Of Track And Field - Belle And Sebastian (Michael)
Down In Splendour - Straitjacket Fits (Richie)
Suzy Jones - The Manhattan Love Suicides (Chris)
Honey In The Sun - Camera Obscura (Alexis)
I Can't Make Love To You Anymore - Felt (Chris)
Steps To The Sea - Comet Gain (Michael)
Hold Me Tight - The Treasures (Alexis)
Does Chocolate Live Here? - International Airport (Chris)
The Young Runaways - Champagne Socialists (Chris)
Boys - The Shirelles (Alexis)
Reflections - Liechtenstein (Chris)
Freedom - The Garlands (Michael)
If You Ask Me (Because I Love You) - Jerry Williams (Richie)
I'm Your Witchdoctor - Chants R'n'B (Chris)
Rehash - Minisnap (Alexis)
Safe In The Rain - The Clean (Chris)
One Way Or Another - Blondie (Alexis)
Wet Wednesday Afternoon - The Siddeleys (Chris)
Not Too Young To Get Married - Bob B Soxx And The Blue Jeans (Chris)
Stay On The Beat - Guy Blackman (Alexis)
Rockin' Shopping Center - Jonathan Richman (Alexis)
I'm Not Going Out - Pocketbooks (Alexis)
Willy - The Royal We (Chris)
Your Ghost - Kristin Hersh (Richie)
Queen Of The Savages - The Magnetic Fields (Alexis)

(August 1 2009)

brogues said...

See, I'd love to go out and hear Sandy Dirt. Excellent list o' songs!!