Sunday, 28 February 2010

Auckland joys and Auckland woes

Lawrence's new video recorder thingy has been a welcome addition to the Auckland popshow world in recent months. It's great for watching videos for brilliant shows I went to and not leaving me feeling like I'm on the wrong side of the world. When I'm spending a Saturday afternoon sitting in the park around the corner from my flat and watching The Bats things can seem pretty good. Thanks to Lawrence for proof.

I may nor may not be motivated to write about the Pobpah show from Wednesday, but let me assure you it was very different to the first time I saw them and L's blog post pretty clearly explains why (along with some great footage pre-moron takeover). Whether the aggressive crowd is an NZ thing or not is debatable - maybe it's just the inevitable associations of a band 'crossing over' - but whatever it is, the show didn't leave me with the same 'isn't the world a lovely place' feeling the Buffalo bar show two years previously had done.