Thursday, 29 April 2010

J. Ogier's record collection

The Real Groovy sales bins are pretty useful if you're looking to bolster your Springsteen or Carpenters back catalogue - but not much else these days. Back in "the day" I couldn't turn around in there without bumping into a copy of The Feelies Only Life, but that's long gone now. Last week, however, I was startled to see a copy of Felt guitarist Maurice Deebank's 1984 solo album Inner Thought Zone sitting there for $3. So I bought it - great stuff.

It sounds just as I kind of expected, like the first two Felt albums but without Lawrence. It's an obvious statement to make because that's what it is right? But what interested more was the previous owners sticker in the corner.

Based on this I can only assume J. Ogier's records are ordered autobiographically - so starting with the oldest record, through to the most recent. But I can't help but wonder when J. started numbering them - after the first record bought? 1430 is a fairly large collection, how many of the 1429 others (at the very least) are similarly numbered.

I've always had my records in a vague chronological/genre order, but for a long time I ordered my CDs autobiographically. It seemed to make sense since I had one of those annoying racks with a space for each individual CD. So the easiest thing to do is just add a new CD to the end each time I bought one. But it can only work so long. When Alexis and I moved in together it couldn't work any more. She doesn't care when I bought Pet Projects, just wants to hear 'Shyin' Away'. I guess that's a part of the appeal of the order - it makes no sense to anyone else. So maybe if I'd been a bachelor I would have ended up like J. - numbering each new record so they fit within my totally illogical order that no one else can hope to understand.


Damião Zé said...

There's something very 1970s fusion jazz about that album title.

Alexis said...

Your logic in the last paragraph is slightly flawed as you have a girlfriend who appreciates and enjoys archiving methods! Even if they are set up by other people.

David said...

Hey nice post. A similar story, I also used to buy a lot of records in Auckland – at Crawlspace [R.I.P.] & Real Groovy, mostly. Me and a friend noticed after a while that we were getting a lot of second hand vinyl that was previously owned, and marked (usually on the inside of the record cover), with the name 'Alan Van Bemmel'. The legend is that Alan had an amazing 'alternative' record collection, but his Dad sold it when Alan eventually decided to become a Buddhist Monk and give up his possessions. Well, it's another reason... big up Alan.