Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Where is Heather?

This week over at pitchfork you can watch the K recs documentary 'Shield Around the K'. As you would expect it is a doco on Calvin and Beat Happening as much as it is about the label. Mecca Normal and Lois Maffeo are the only other artists to get some decent coverage. Generally this is fine, but watching the seemingly endless stream of live footage of Calvin gyrating around the stage has left me wondering; how come no one ever seemed to film songs when Heather was singing. For me Heather's songs are the ones I keep going back to and listen to over and over, but I have never seen any footage of these played live. I understand why Calvin stage presence was such an important part of the band and must of been confrontational for many of the viewers. But it does the band a disservice to present them as just another primitive punk rock band with some charismatic dude up front.

Anyone out there with footage of BH playing 'Run Down Stair', 'Fortune Cookie Prize' or 'Godsend' the internet needs it!

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